£151,237 - £179,609

About our Council

Southampton City Council is a Unitary Council with 48 Elected Members and more than 6500 employees (including our city schools); we are  a lean, agile and fast-moving Council, where individuals are increasingly empowered to make decisions and work with autonomy.  We are embracing digital technology to improve services and ensure efficiency, becoming a modern, sustainable and commercially focused organisation that is outcome led and  delivering excellent service in everything we do.

Our Commitments

The Council Strategy 2016-2020 sets out our vision: to be a city where everybody has the opportunity to thrive. As we work towards 2020, we have four key commitments. We want to ensure that:

1.     Southampton is a city with strong and sustainable economic growth.
2.     Children and young people in Southampton get a good start in life
3.     People in Southampton live safe, healthy, independent lives
4.     Southampton is a modern, attractive city where people are proud to live and work

As a Council with a culture of continuous improvement, we believe that there is always more that we can do. using our economic growth to drive wider prosperity, deliver better services and enhance quality of life.

Our staff are instrumental in delivering both these strategies and maintaining effective relationships with our partners in the city to help deliver the vision for the entire city, ensuring we leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Our Plans

There are already opportunities for you to make an impact when you arrive. We have plans in place to re-develop areas of the city centre, along with ongoing plans for housing development. As part of the Southampton Connect collaboration, we aim to capitalise on opportunities to work with others to improve our quality of life and the services we deliver.

In August 2018: we launched our own ethical energy company, CitizEn Energy. It is a not-for-profit energy company that will focus on fairer prices, more savings and a better service for the people of Southampton and its surrounding areas. Innovation is a constant for the whole organisation.